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Florida Burn Injury FAQs

Burn injuries can result from many different types of accidents. Whether from a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or others it is important to take care of yourself and protect you claim.


  • Seek emergency medical attention (even before calling a lawyer!) Your health is paramount.
  • Follow up on your medical treatment. If you don't follow prescribed treatment plans, it could hurt your case.
  • Contact a Florida burn injury lawyer. Even if you don't intend on using a lawyer, you can get helpful information.
  • Keep a journal of your recovery. Your recovery may have ups and downs, and you will need to remember important details.
  • Keep track of missed time at work, including any sick time take.

What should I do if I suffer a burn injury in an accident in Florida?

Like with other personal injuries, if you are burned due to the negligence of another or because of a defective product, you may have a claim for damages.

What are my legal options if I am burned in an accident in Florida?

What compensation can I get for my burn injury?

Each burn injury is different and compensation can range depending on the sever​ity of the injury. Any good Florida burn injury lawyer will seek to recover damages to help compensate a victim of a burn injury for at least the following:


  • Medical Costs
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium

Do I even need a burn injury attorney?

Not every burn injury claim requires the use of an attorney. Burns that are not severe may not. However, it doesn't hurt to consult with an attorney. You need to protect yourself in case injuries manifest later. We offer free burn injury consultations and we'll help you find the right attorney even if we can't take your case.

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Will it Impact My Case If I Do Not Immediately Seek Treatment?

Florida Burn Injury Lawyer

Who should I sue if I am burned in an accident?

If you have immediately apparent burns due to the an accident, then not seeking immediate medical attention will most likely impact your case negatively. 

It depends on who is responsible for the accident. The potential people that you might try to recover damages from include:


  • Landlords. If a fire started in a building, the first place to look is the landlord if you suffer a burn injury.
    • Apartment building fires
    • Commercial building fires
    • Electrical cord fires
    • Burns from hot pipes
    • Locked fire exits
    • Hotel fires
    • Restaurant fires


  • Business Owners. If you were burned at someone's place of business, the owner of that business might be liable.
    • Hotel fires
    • Restaurant fires
    • Any place of business where you are burned


  • Manufacturers. If you are burned by a product, the manufacturer of that product may be liable if the product is defective.
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