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Outside general counsel for Florida small businesses

Concierge legal services allow you to contact your lawyer with quick questions through phone and email without worrying about being charged by the minute.

Any small business that does not have a full time general counsel can benefit from a Concierge Legal Services​.


If your business has to deal with contractual disputes, employment issues, licensing matters, risk assessment, zoning, or just needs general legal advice from time to time, having access to a Taft Street lawyer can be useful.

Our concierge lawyers can assist in all matters that a general counsel would help a business in:


  • Risk Management and Risk Mitigation
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance
    • Monitor and Enforce Compliance Calendars
    • Ensure best practices are instituted
    • Review of Contracts
  • Counsel on Employment law issues
    • Discrimination and harassment claims 
    • Employee Handbook and Policies
    • Employee or Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Code of Conduct Issues
  • Intellectual Property Protection
    • Enforcement of Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks
  • Litigation Management
    • Liaise between outside counsel and management
    • Direct legal strategy and manage outside counsel
    • Develop future strategies
    • Arbitration and Mediation services
  • Real Estate Counsel
    • Transactions - Sales, Leases
    • Counsel on development, entitlements, financing
    • Zoning
    • Portfolio management

Risk management and risk mitigation are all encompassing terms that mean your Concierge Lawyer helps to limit your liability. How does this work?


All in-house counsels strive to prevent litigation. Money spent on outside counsel is money the business doesn't have to grow. How can we limit exposure to law suits? By pursuing legal strategies that manage and mitigate risk.


  • Review company litigation history and develop strategies to prevent the same claims from hurting the company.
  • Review employment law practices and train management to avoid risk.
    • Hiring Practices
    • Firing Practices
    • Employee evaluations
  • Dispute resolution. Whether between employees, management, vendors, etc. If counsel can resolve a dispute BEFORE it escalates to litigation, the company saves money.
  • Review insurance coverage with qualified professionals. Insurance can be expensive, but lawsuits can be more expensive. You concierge lawyer can help limit your company's exposure by making sure you are adequately insured.

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Concierge Legal Services | Small Business Lawyer

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What are risk management and risk mitigation?

We have two different levels available for our concierge services:


  1. Virtual Corporate Counsel℠: $300/mo

    Perfect for small companies with general legal issues

    With our basic subscription your company is entitled to two 30 minute phone calls a month (or one 1 hour call) with our Florida licensed Virtual Corporate Counsel℠, with unlimited email follow-ups.

    The purpose of the calls will be to help develop strategies for your company going forward. If more work is needed on the part of Counsel, we will discuss hourly rates or moving your company to the Executive Counsel plan.
  2. Executive Counsel: $1000/mo

    Perfect for small to midsize companies with ongoing legal issues

    Our executive subscription includes all the benefits of the Virtual Corporate Counsel plan, in addition to two (2) contract reviews and comments per month, research into new projects and ventures, and on-call legal advice when needed.

    After an initial consultation, your Concierge Lawyer will schedule to view your facilities and meet your staff to better understand your company and its legal issues.

    Companies that regularly need legal advice, have ongoing contract work, legal disputes or litigation, and use outside counsel extensively would be better suited for this plan.



At Taft Street we're interested in helping your company solve its legal issues and exposures for the long term. It's difficult to get all the information necessary to help a business in just a few hours. That being said, we need limit your costs as well.


Rather than charging tens of thousands of dollars for an "evaluation" or a "handbook," we'd rather build a relationship with your company and work hand in hand for an extended period of time to accomplish your goals.


Large companies are able to hire full time in-house counsel to accomplish this, but small companies often cannot dedicate a full time position for counsel. We aim to do the work of in-house counsel, without charging you in-house counsel prices.

Concierge Legal Services

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