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Facta, Non Verba​


Oh boy, more Latin from attorneys. Yes! Facta, Non Verba is our first core value. It's printed on all of our business cards. It means actions speak louder than words. At Taft Street, we believe that our work product conveys our message better than any advertisement ever could. We perform our work diligently and with integrity. Our clients appreciate this, our prospective clients learn this, and our competitors respect this.



When a client or prospective client calls us, it's most likely because they have a problem or issue that needs to be solved. Sometimes the issue is grievous. The last thing our clients need is some employee of ours shuffling them through a system. We strive to take the time to understand our client's issues and their frustrations so that we can do all that we can do to help them resolve their problems.



Benjamin Franklin said, "Energy and persistence conquer all things." This is very much true in the law. Often times simply pursuing a claim or a deal to its end without wavering is all that's needed to get the job done.

Professional Development​


If everyone learned all there was to know about the law in law school, there would be no need to go to court. The world and the law are constantly in motion. New statutes, rulings, and precedents emerge daily and our lawyers and employees must better themselves in order to better serve our clients.

Do More With Less


Legal work is expensive and time consuming. With everyone on staff working efficiently and effectively, we can achieve great results for our clients and save them money.

Taft Street Law Firm
Taft Street Law Firm



Taft Street Law Firm is currently only accepting new clients for Real Estate transactions.

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