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Florida Business Formation FAQs

No, you do not have to start your LLC in Florida, however, if you are forming your business in Florida, forming an LLC is easy and effective. Florida also has competitive laws and filing fees compared to other states. Click to file you Florida LLC with us today.

Do I need to start my LLC in Florida?

What is a Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC)?​

Florida Limited Liability companies are governed by Florida Statutes Chapter 605. An LLC is an entity separate and distinct from its members meaning that it can sue, be sued, buy and sell property, enter into contracts, etc., but not personally bind the members of the LLC. However, many contracts such as loans and mortgages require members of LLCs to sign off personally. Consult with a small business lawyer if you have questions about any agreements your LLC may enter into.

What is a Business Tax ID (EIN) number and how do I register for it?

A business tax id number, or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a number allocated by the federal government to a business entity. The EIN is used for paying taxes such as income tax, payroll taxes, and self-employment taxes.

Further, if you want to open a bank account for you LLC or business entity, you need an EIN.​ Click to file your EIN today.

Do I need an operating agreement?

You are not required to have an operating agreement when you form your LLC, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have one. ​If you are a single member LLC (with no partners), then an operating agreement usually isn't necessary, although there are times when it comes in handy, such as if you want to bring on a partner, sell your business, or get a loan.


If you have multiple members in your LLC, it's almost necessary to have an operating agreement. Every partnership has ups and downs and the operating agreement governs the legal relationship between partners and their business entity.

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Do I even need a Florida business formation attorney?

Florida Business Formation Lawyer

Florida Statutes section 605.0113 governs LLC Registered Agents and their responsibilities. ​Every Florida LLC is required by law to have a registered agent. The registered agent can be a Florida individual or an entity licensed to operated in Florida. Click for more information on Florida Registered Agent Services

Not everyone needs a Florida business formation attorney. If you are comfortable navigating the Florida Secretary of State website, you can register and maintain your business yourself. You can also act as your own registered agent, file your own annual reports, etc.


However, we provide all of these services and more at Taft Street Law Firm. So if you are looking for a business formation attorney to help get your business off the ground, you can contact us for a free consultation, or you can go to our File Your LLC page and get started online.​

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What is a Florida Registered Agent?

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