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Florida Real Estate Closing Attorney

If you are looking to buy Real Estate in Florida, you may want a Florida real estate attorney to review your agreement and closing documents.


At Taft Street, our real estate lawyers represent buyers at closings by performing the following services:


  • Review of the initial purchase and sale agreement
  • Review of the title search 
  • Issuance of Title Insurance
  • Review of the Title Insurance Schedule B II
  • Holding Escrow
  • Review of HUD
  • Review of HOA/Condo Board Minutes (If Applicable)
  • Review of Commercial CCRs (If Applicable)
  • Contingencies Calendar
  • Perform the Closing


Our goal is to make sure our clients are fully advised of what they are purchasing and that the transaction runs smoothly.


In some counties in Florida, like Palm Beach County, it is customary for the seller to procure title insurance (and therefore control the closing). While buyer can hire an attorney to represent them at closing, we recommend getting your own title insurance rather than letting seller (or seller's real estate agent) do it.


Why would you let someone else get insurance for your property?

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Do I really need an attorney for closing?

Buyer Representation

It is not required by law that you use a lawyer at closing, however it is a good idea to at least consult with a real estate attorney. Further, if you are buying property subject to a mortgage, the lender will require title insurance. Not all title agencies are law firms.


At Taft Street, we are a fully licensed title agency as well as a law firm, so we can issue you title insurance to protect your investment and we can advise you on any legal issues that arise during the process of buying or selling real estate.


Click here to learn more about using an attorney for your Florida real estate closing.

​You can either give us a call at (833) 823-8529 or fill out the free consultation form below and we'll contact you.

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