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Florida Neck Injury FAQs

Neck injuries, like back and spinal cord injuries, can be serious and require surgery or linger on for years and can be seriously debilitating. If you injure your neck in an accident in Florida, it is important to protect yourself.


  • Seek emergency medical attention (even before calling a lawyer!) Your health is paramount.
  • Follow up on your medical treatment. If you don't follow prescribed treatment plans, it could hurt your case.
  • Contact a Florida neck injury lawyer. Even if you don't intend on using a lawyer, you can get helpful information.
  • Keep a journal of your recovery. Your recovery may have ups and downs, and you will need to remember important details.
  • Keep track of missed time at work, including any sick time take.

What should I do if I injure my neck in an accident in Florida?

If you have been in a car accident or other type of auto accident, you may have suffered "whiplash."​ While not a medical term, whiplash describes a soft tissue injury to the neck that occurs when your neck is thrust forward and immediately backward, usually due to an accident like a rear-end collision.

Did whiplash cause my neck injury?

Should I accept a settlement offer for my neck injury claim?

Insurance adjusters are not your representatives. It is their job to try to pay as little as possible on behalf of the insurance company for each neck injury claim. Even if you don't end up using a neck injury lawyer, it's worth it to set up a free consultation.​

How much is my Florida neck injury claim worth?​

Each neck injury is different and compensation can range depending on the severity of the injury. The CDC estimates that average medical costs for a serious spinal cord injury could top $15,000 a year. Any good Florida neck injury lawyer will seek to recover damages to help compensate a victim of a neck injury for at least the following:


  • Medical Costs
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Mental Anguish
  • Loss of consortium​

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Will it impact my case if I do not immediately seek treatment?

Florida Neck Injury Lawyer

If a neck injury does not manifest until later, what are my options for filing a claim?

If you have immediately apparent injuries or injuries that manifest later due to an accident, then not seeking immediate medical attention will most likely impact your case negatively. 

A common occurrence is when a neck injury victim has seemingly minor injuries and they can feel fine after an accident. Instead of taking the ambulance to the hospital, they get a ride home. Later on, however, the pain manifests. It could be that night, or days later.


Once the adrenaline from the accident wears off and your body starts to feel pain, you might realize you have a claim for damages.  It is important to seek medical attention as soon as pain manifests if you haven't already been treated.


When seeking medical attention, it is important to tell your doctor that you have been injured in an accident and that the accident is listed as a cause of the neck pain (if it truly is the cause!). Medical providers and insurance companies use specific coding when treating neck injuries. Further, in court if the accident is not listed as the cause of neck pain, it could hurt your case.


So if you have sustained a neck injury or other type of personal injury in an auto accident or other type of accident, it is important that the physician notes that in your medical records.

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