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Florida Business Law Services

Florida Business Lawyer

Florida Business Lawyer | Small Business Attorney

If you are looking to start your business, ​check out our file your Florida LLC page

File Florida LLC | Business Lawyer

Is someone infringing on your copyright or trademark? Tell them to Cease and Desist.

Cease and Desist Letter | Florida Business Lawyer

Contact Taft Street to have one of our business law attorneys draft your contract.

Contract Drafting and Writing | Florida Business Lawyer

Need help looking over a contract or document? Have a business lawyer review your contract.

Contract Review | Florida Business Lawyer

Does someone owe you money? Have a business lawyer send out a demand letter.

Demand Letters | Florida Business Lawyer

Time to sell your business? Get guidance from experienced business lawyers.

Sell Your Business | Florida Business Lawyer

Does your small business need legal advice? Virtual Corporate Counsel can help.

Virtual Corporate Counsel | Florida Business Lawyer
Florida LLC Filing | Special Offer
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