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Florida Contract Review​ FAQs

​Don't agree to it! If you do not understand a contract you really shouldn't sign it. 

What should I do if I do not understand a contract?

What does a contract review attorney do?

At Taft Street, our contract review attorneys will look over your contract and explain it to you in layman's terms. If there's a particular section that's bothering you we can discuss it with you so that you can make a more informed decision.


We promise to clearly communicate the terms of the agreement to you so that you fully understand what you are signing.

Most of our clients are small businesses or independent operators, but we also support individuals as well. Individuals who are offered employment contracts or other types of contracts sometimes need the assistance of a contract review attorney.​

Does a contract review attorney only help businesses?​

Does a contract review lawyer negotiate for me?

Only if you hire the contract review attorney to. At Taft Street we generally review the contract for you first and explain it for a flat rate. If you want us to negotiate on your behalf, or make revisions to the agreement, we can do that as well.​

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