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Florida Employer Identification Number FAQs

Sometimes called a Tax ID number, the EIN or FEIN is a number assigned to your business by the IRS that allows your business to file for taxes.​

What is an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

Do I need an EIN?

There are very few instances where your business doesn't need an EIN. If you are going to open a business bank account, you need one. If you have employees, or will have employees, you need an EIN. If your company is going to file for taxes, you need one.​ If you own a business, at some point, you will probably need an EIN.

You can go to ​ and apply for one there, or you can contact us at Taft Street and we can file for an EIN for your business. If you have not yet done so, you can file your Florida LLC with Taft Street and if you choose our Deluxe or Executive package, we will file for an EIN for your new company.

Where can I get an EIN?

What if I've already filed my LLC, but don't have an EIN?

If you've already set up your LLC, but didn't use Taft Street, you can click to use us to register for an EIN. Similarly, if you have already registered for an LLC, you can change registered agents to Taft Street.

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