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Which types of car accident injuries offer the biggest settlements from insurance companies in Florida?

Soft Tissue Injuries ​are injuries to your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Examples of soft tissue injuries include strained neck, sprained ankles or back spasms. Typically soft injuries receive small personal injury settlements. 

When you are injured in a car accident, insurance companies divide your bodily injuries into two categories: Soft Tissue Injuries and Hard Injuries.

Why do soft injuries receive lower car accident settlements?

Car insurance companies don't consider these types of injuries serious or life-changing. They believe the pain you feel is temporary and that you will be back to being healthy within a few months.


In addition, soft injuries are hard to prove. They're subjective and cannot be quantified by medical reports. For example, let's say you suffer whiplash In a car accident. You feel neck stiffness, headaches fatigue, dizziness.


The problem is how do you prove these symptoms?


A doctor can't really diagnose, for example, that your neck is 60% more stiff after the car accident.


They're basically relying on your word that you're feeling this pain and discomfort. This does not mean that victims of soft tissue injuries are lying about their pain, it just means that it's much much harder to medically verify that they are suffering.


Insurance companies know this and use it to their advantage. They understand that if your injury claim ever went in front of a judge, they can easily argue that they you are simply faking your injuries. As a result most soft tissue injury victims receive low settlement amounts.

Hard Injuries are more severe types of injuries. They cause extreme discomfort and a significant amount of pain and suffering. These injuries receive large accident settlements because they have a substantial impact on both your current and future lifestyle. In addition these injuries can be easily documented by your doctor and thus proven in court.

Hard Injuries

Head injuries receive large accident settlements because the damages can be long-lasting. For example, you suffered a serious blow to your head in an accident this can result in concussions, severe migraines, etc. Head injuries can lead to serious complications that permanently affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally.​

Do I even need a car accident attorney?

Not every car accident claim requires the use of an attorney. Claims that involve only personal property damage can probably be settled on your own. However, it doesn't hurt to consult with an attorney. You need to protect yourself in case injuries manifest later. We offer free car accident consultations and we'll help you find the right attorney even if we can't take your case.

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Will it Impact My Case If I Do Not Immediately Seek Treatment?

Which Car Accident Injuries pay the highest settlements in Florida?

If An Injury Does Not Manifest Until Later, What Are My Options for Filing a Claim?

If you have immediately apparent injuries or injuries that manifest later due to the car accident, then not seeking immediate medical attention will most likely impact your case negatively. 

A common occurrence is when a victim of an car accident has seemingly minor injuries and they can feel fine after the accident. Instead of taking the ambulance to the hospital, they get a ride home. Later on, however, the pain manifests. It could be that night, or days later.


Once the adrenaline from the accident wears off and your body starts to feel pain, you might realize you have a claim for auto accident damages in Florida.  It is important to seek medical attention as soon as pain manifests if you haven't already been treated.


When seeking medical attention, it is important to tell your doctor that you have been injured in an auto accident and that the accident is listed as a cause of the pain. Medical providers and insurance companies use specific coding when treating injuries and auto accident victims tend to receive similar types of care.


So if you have sustained a back injury, neck injury, or other type of personal injury in a car accident, it is important that the physician notes that in your medical records.

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Broken Bones

Anytime you fracture or break your bones your personal injury settlement amount can increase. This is because broken bones immediately impact your daily life and can be verified with x-rays.


Your settlement also depends on the severity of the broken bones.


For example a hairline fracture in your hand is a serious injury and deserves a good settlement, however this injury would be considered less devastating than breaking both your legs and being stuck in a wheelchair.​

Wounds and Scars

Serious wounds can lead to stitches and serious scars. Scars increase your injury settlement if they can be linked to psychological damage or financial loss.


For example, a scar on a teenager can cause embarrassment and emotional trauma. Similarly a scar on a professional model can hurt  ability to earn future income.


If the scar is permanent, it further increases for personal injury settlement amount. A plastic surgeon can estimate the cost of scar removal. This will give you a starting point for negotiating Your settlement amount.

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