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Florida Non-Disclosure Agreement FAQs

A non-disclosure agreement is a contract between a business and another business or a business and an individual​ in which one or both parties to the contract agree not to disclose confidential information for a defined period of time.

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

What is confidential information?

Ultimately, confidential information is what you determine is confidential. Typically, companies will seek to prevent disclosure of trade secrets, specialized processes, client lists, documents, designs, sketches, source codes, procedures, and more. If your company values some information and does not want its employees or business relations sharing that information, chances are you can include it in your definition of "confidential information" in an NDA.

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Can I have my employees sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Florida Non-Disclosure Agreement Lawyer

Certainly. The same rules for a non-disclosure agreement between business ventures generally apply to non-disclosure agreements between employer and employee. NDAs can be ruled unenforceable if they are unreasonable, however.

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How long can a non-disclosure agreement last?

There is no hard and fast rule for how long a non-disclosure agreement can last for, but courts generally agree that the term must be defined and cannot extend indefinitely or the NDA risks being ruled unenforceable. There are always exceptions, however, specifically in the case of trade secrets.

When is a non-disclosure agreement unenforceable?

There are multiple ways a non-disclosure agreement can be considered unenforceable. For instance, if the confidential information defined is overbroad. If for instance, confidential information is defined as "all information conveyed in the business relationship," that's a surefire way to risk having the NDA be unenforceable.


NDAs can also be ruled unenforceable if they:

  • State the wrong party names
  • Do not clearly identify what information is Confidential
  • Protect information that is already known publicly
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